retail concept
This concept was made and suggested in 2005

The store of the future will be a interactive shopping environment.
As customer, you will experience the brand in a revolutionary way! The frontiers between
the virtual and the seizable world will vanish. New ways of visual presentation and
interface designs
with the implementation of “autoresponse-tags” (RFID) will make shopping
a whole new adventure*.

*Take a product of your choice and place it on the INTERACTION-PANEL (IAP).
You will be able to get detailed information about the product of your choice. You can take the
product, try the fitting and than customize it in your personal way on the IAP. Once you are
satisfied, you order it online via the IAP and your very personal item will come to your home
within a few days.

*A 360-degree Environment will give you the chance to experience the "product-environment"
and the Brand-philosophy in a impressing way. The product will be mapped into a scenery.
It also will become a interface itself in this area. Like a 'wii-set', you can navigate with the item
itself e.g. play soccer or watch a match while standing in the middle of the arena!
*There will be more and it will be all about YOU! -coming soon