thermochromatic light piece

The „Thermochromatic Lamp“ has been realized in cooperation with the Milan based
Gallery PLUSDESIGN. Five cables lead down from a aluminum fixture mounted on
the ceiling. These cables describe a curve and meet a round screen at its sides. This
sreen is covered with a special thermochromatic textile which has the characteristic,
that it will loose it‘s color, when the surrounding temperature raises.
If the lamp is switched on, the bulbs inside of the screen will emit heat and the fabric
slowly starts to turn pale. If the light is switched of again, the effect will reverse.

Thermochromatic textile, stainless steel wires, aluminum fixture (turned and laser-cut),
goose necks, heat shrinking tube, sockets, bulbs, cables.

Dimensions: about 220 cm x 100 cm (Screen: 75 x 30 cm)
The Prototype will be followed by a limited edition of 21 pieces.
->PLUSDESIGN Gallery Milan

thanks to Judith Van Valen, Cindy Moorman,
© 2010 Martin Saemmer