Can we express political ideas and complex issues through shape?

"anti-Aschenbecher" is a ashtray that denies its purpose. The shape of the recesses is
"inverted" but still allows to recognize the object as a ashtray... This ashtray is commenting
all the exceptions in German "non-smoking-regulations". The result of this legislation is
a strange competition amongst bar-owners to avoid these laws:
In Bavaria it is legal to smoke in a "closed society". So in Munich it has become quite popular,
that bars hand out membership-cards at the entrance, making you instantly a member of a
"smokers-club". In other regions it is allowed to have a separate smoking-lounge, so suddenly
you can find the most interesting constructions, splitting locations into two parts....

I would love to produce a few-hundred of these objects, hand them out for free and see if
they start a discussion...