The Lampshade is designed virtually "around" the illuminant like a hull around a fruit.
The outer surface has a rough, protecting finish while the inside of this "light-pod" is supposed
to perfectly shelter its content (light).

The shade is consisting out of a single layer of stainless steel with a average wall thickness
of 2-mm. It is a homage to a technology called ‘spinning’ (a thin layer of metal is forced over
a rotating tool). The stiffening of the shade and the legs is a result of the concave shape.
The statics and the dimensions have been constructed under the advice of a structural engineer
and the prototype was built with the support of WMF. The outer-surface has been treated with
a special "crinkle-finish" also used by high-class car manufacturers for painting parts of the
engine. The inner surface is supposed to be polished to a high-reflective finish guiding the light
down to the floor. A carbon-fiber-string is used to hinge the illuminant into the shade.

SPINDOC has recently been published in "Wallpaper" & "Elle Deco Collections"
->NextLevel Galerie - Paris

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